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Our mission and values

Servant Leadership – We lead by serving with humility.
Integrity – We do the right thing because it is right.
Employee – We create an engaging environment that fosters a fulfilling life experience.
Honor – We respect the dignity and merit of each individual.
Teamwork – We leverage and celebrate the power of many.
Honesty – We are truthful and transparent.
Customer – We serve our customers with excellence by delivering beyond their expectations.
Continuous Improvement – We have a relentless discomfort with the status quo.
Compassion – We invest in healing the hurts of others.
Generosity – We carefully manage our resources so we can give.
Quality – We are passionate about producing products with exceptional quality.
Knowledge – We have an intricate understanding of our business and markets.
Accountability– We owe it to one another to do our best and to say when we're not.
Recover Together – We will all stumble . . . Getting back up is easier with a helping hand.
Future Focus – We define our destination . . . And create the path to get there.
Self-Aware – We are grounded and understand our capabilities.
Ambition – We accept big challenges and strive to make great things happen.
Ingenuity – We have the vision to see what could be and the creativity to make it happen.
Sustainability – We use good stewardship to ensure profits and lasting stability.