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About Us

DOORERA has been the name to trust for quality and innovation in the Door industry. In the recent years, its innovation has helped to offer high-quality doors. DOORERA has positioned itself as an industry leader that continues to strive for excellence in product quality and service.

The DOORERA door collection features superior quality HDF Moulded, Designer Membrane and Veneer Doors. Located in the pinkcity of India, Jaipur, just a short trip from main city. DOORERA offer many configurations of custom-made doors for new construction and after-market replacements and additions. Choosing new doors for your home is an important and exciting decision. A door is the element in your home you interact with more than any other. Think about it, feeling the safety it provides as you go in and out of your home morning and night, gently closing it as you put your children to bed and quickly locking it as you finally get time for yourself in a bath. Your life goes through your doors and your life deserves more than just any door. It deserves DOORERA doors.

DOORERA has an extensive dealer network across the India that will work with you to get the right doors for your home. When you visit our DOORERA's Authorized Dealer, bring the sizes of the doors you need, including the height, width and thickness. Also have a picture in your mind of some characteristics you want in your doors — design style, type of door, wood species, glass preferences. Your dealer will have the product samples and information you need to complete your decision.

We want to make your door purchase as simple as possible and suggest you keep a few things in mind as you're looking. Let's get started. We've made creating a unique, signature door a smooth, simple process. It all begins with a few key selections you determine are best for your needs. Then, using the design, species, and dimensions that you specify, DOORERA can create your masterpiece. Whether we construct your door with veneer and engineered core components or laminated lumber, we will incorporate both technology and beauty into your individual design.

Because we manufactured at our norms of our products, we can ensure that your energy efficient doors will be installed in your home within a few days. Having a local manufacturing facility gives our customers a distinct advantage; the ability to respond quickly to any special orders or service situations that you may have. In fact, we invite you to take a tour of our state-of-the-art facility, where you can watch your doors being crafted and learn about the latest technologies that we build into each product we make.